We are presenting recent and special european books from

Bodo Korsig - with John Ashbery and Paul Auster
Thorsten Baensch - with Richard Kostelanetz
Sven Märkisch
Frank Müller
Susanne Nickel
Eduardo Chillida
Antoni Tàpies
Hans Hartung
Katsumi Komagata
Kurt Johannessen
Anja Harms
Robert Schwarz
Guiseppe Santomaso - with Ezra Pound
Daniela Deeg and Cynthia Lollis - RISK,

the new book of Deeg/Lollis just won the Boston Printmakers Purchase prize at the BP biannual show!

Please find enclosed the detailed list!
See you at CODEX in Berkeley /// codexfoundation.org


Die Galerie bleibt bis 12. Februar geschlossen