Deutsche Version Artist Book Highlights 1969–1994 After celebrating the gallery’s 25th anniversary last spring, when we presented outstanding works from the years 1995 to 2020, we are now looking back even further: the focus of the current show is 1969 to 1994. Despite their diversity, artist books are also international witnesses of a particular time period. Behind every book’s image there is a short film showing you the book from cover to cover, as well as an exact description and information about availability. Just click on a book… We hope you enjoy looking at the books. Copies of all are still available. If you are interested in a particular one, please write to: From 7 January to 26 February 2021, these artist books are being shown at Galerie DRUCK & BUCH in Vienna. Then you can leaf through them in person! With Best Wishes for 2021!! Cheers, Susanne Padberg, Galerie DRUCK & BUCH, Vienna