Deutsche Version Jule Claudia Mahn: time boundGalerie Druck und Buch, Wien – Jule Claudia Mahn: time bound May 6th - 29th, Mo - Fr 11am - 6pm Jule Claudia Mahn's artist's books are as much about remembering as they are about forgetting! And they are at once incredibly precise, poetic and subtle. Everything comes from a single source: the texts, the graphics, prints, design and execution, right through to the various and always thematically appropriate bindings. The latest book, "I am here", allows a politically conflictual story to be read from two perspectives. The exhibition shows the entire oeuvre of the artist, who was born in 1981. She publishes her artist books in Leipzig in her edition „Verwandte Objekte“ ("Related Objects“). Her statement:
"I picture our biography as the evolved structure of a village: There are roads leading to all directions from the centre, new things are built next to the old ones and the newcomers settle next to those who have always been there. Our memories are experiences that have stuck, that fall into our hands by chance now and then and allow us to experience time.
I am interested in the history of people and places. I ask, listen, find, collect, and thus investigate origins and change, ruptures and cohesion. My books serve to preserve and reorganize. We can read on different levels. And as we turn the pages, time passes."