Deutsche Version Best of 2020 - The best new works of the old year! It is my pleasure to present to you here and in the gallery in Vienna's Berggasse the best new acquisitions of the old year. Behind every book’s image there is a short film showing you the book from cover to cover, as well as an exact description and information about availability. Just click on a book… We hope you enjoy looking at the books. Copies of all are available. If you are interested in a particular one, please write to: Books by Bartleby & Co, Wolfgang Buchta, Daniela Deeg, Stefan Gunnesch, Anja Harms, Kurt Johannessen, Burgi Kühnemann, Eberhard Müller-Fries, Raffaella della Olga, Robbin Silverberg, Ulrich Wagner, Carola Willbrand I cordially invite you and your friends to come see these new works, showing until 25 June! Best regards, stay healthy and in good spirits - I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you. Susanne Padberg Galerie DRUCK & BUCH, Wien