Ulrich Wagner - Borderline NYC/MEX D.F. III 2022
Borderline NYC/MEX D.F. III 2022, 72 x 96 inch (unfolded), Concertina



We are very pleased to be opening the exhibition BORDERLINE by Ulrich Wagner on Thursday, October 6 at 7pm.
Ulrich Wagner will be present

Ulrich Wagner from Cologne is known for his unique works on paper, installations and especially for his Winkelbücher (Angle Books) - reflecting the sign systems of the National Socialists. In his project "Borderline", now shown here for the first time, he deals with the extreme forms of borders: Border Walls.

They form a radical separation between people who are close to each other, they make encounter and exchange impossible, they are an aggressive separation that has become an object. Ulrich Wagner shows the Berlin Wall, the planned wall between the USA and Mexico and the West Wall in his sign and plan oriented unique books. His material is the handmade paper - in enormous formats and smart folds. 

Ulrich Wagner - Borderline Berlin I, 2022
Borderline Berlin I, 2022, 12,6 x 96,4 inch, Concertina

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