from R. Silverberg, Reading Hot Spots in NYC
from R. Silverberg - Reading Hot Spots in NYC


Artist books and prints around maps and similar systems

Maps can be orientation systems, political manifestos, planning ideas, reality comparison and aberration - and thereby aesthetic versions of a reality of whatever kind. 

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Artwork by  

Henriette Leinfellner

Henriette Leinfellner, Spazio Incognito
Spazio Incognito - 
Maps are open systems. They are in the process of constant revision. The territory is the existential space, the lived matter - in the end maps are constructed which expand the own territory.
ARTISTS' TALK on 15.6.23 at 7 p.m.

Ulrich Wagner
Ulrich Wagner, Borderline
The project "Borderline", which started in 2019, deals with the extreme forms of borders: Border walls! They form a radical, aggressive separation. Ulrich Wagner shows after the Berlin Wall, the planned wall between the U.S. and Mexico and here now the Westwall in his sign and plan-oriented paper works.

Robbin Ami Silverberg
Robin Ami Silverberg, Simulacrum
Simulacrum (or Mapping) responds to the idea presented in the stories by both Jorge Borges & Lewis Carroll that to be true to reality a map would necessarily be 1:1… a brilliantly absurd and obviously impossible concept. Two pamphlets with these texts are accompanied by a set of maps displaying the ever-changing borders of historical & present-day Ukraine. They are cut and embedded into ripped translucent papers, reminding us of the war-torn reality there. It also shows that cartography presents a diagram of signifiers that reference the physical world, and thus, mapping is always subjective. 

Déirdre Kelly
Déirdre Kelly

A new map of Ireland where the East and West coasts draw closer together, to create a sort of interior lake, a land locked mixture of sea & ocean. It takes us on a ‘round trip’ journey of the bays, heads and points which characterise the Irish coastline. A line which unites and determines the tension between water and land. The original collage was made from a single map of Ireland in homage to his innovative use of collage by the Czech visual artist & poet, Jiří Kolář.

The title is taken from the Avoca river in County Wicklow, which starts life as two rivers, Avonmore (Irish: Abhainn Mhór, “Big River”) and Avonbeg (Irish: Abhainn Bheag, “Small River”). Where these join is a recognised place of great beauty hence ‘the Meeting of the Waters’.

Burgi Kühnemann
Burgi Kühnemann
Burgi Kühnemann
always works over found books in her one-of-a-kind books - in many of which she uses the maps of old atlases as guidelines for her physiognomies.lways works over found books in her one-of-a-kind books - in many of which she uses the maps of old atlases as guidelines for her physiognomies.

Anett Frontzek
Anett Frontzek, unter Normalnull
„unter Normalnull • OSTSEE 1.“
between Denmark and Mecklenburg Baltic coast

Susan Johanknecht
Susan Johanknecht, Grevice Map
Grevice Map

Kaspar Andreasen
Kaspar Andreasen, Topographia Nova
Topographia Nova
A map is a diagram of many places and times

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Susanne Padberg
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