Deutsche Version Thread Fabric Paper - and back again. Opening of the exhibition October 5, 2023
The exhibition will run from October 5 - 27, 2023.
Works by Carola Willbrand, Robbin Ami Silverberg, Déirdre Kelly and Ingrid Gaier. The exhibition explores the tension between the simultaneously related and contrasting materials of fabric and paper from the different artistic angles. Carola Willbrand (Cologne), known for her sewn drawings and use of various textile materials charged with story(s). Robbin Silverberg (New York), paper and book artist. A collection of internationally used proverbs about women reflects behavioral patterns - printed as fabric patterns on paper; paper threads and silk fabrics incorporated into paper enhance the interaction of the material. Déirdre Kelly (Venice/Ireland), thread and surface are in her focus via Venetian lace and its creation and meaning. Ingrid Gaier (Vienna), coming from the textile, she attributes functions of paper to the material and presents it performatively. See you soon, best
Susanne Padberg, Galerie DRUCK & BUCH, Vienna